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Show companies matching the search query, country, sector, industry and/or exchange. Note that by default only the United States exchanges are searched which tend to contain the most extensive data for each company. To search all exchanges use the --all-exchanges flag.


search [-q QUERY [QUERY ...]] [-c country] [-s sector] [--industrygroup industry_group] [-i industry] [-e exchange] [--exchangecountry exchange_country] [-a]


query-q --queryThe search term used to find company tickersTrueNone
country-c --countrySearch by country to find stocks matching the criteriaTrueafghanistan, anguilla, argentina, australia, austria, azerbaijan, bahamas, bangladesh, barbados, belgium, belize, bermuda, botswana, brazil, british_virgin_islands, cambodia, canada, cayman_islands, chile, china, colombia, costa_rica, cyprus, czech_republic, denmark, dominican_republic, egypt, estonia, falkland_islands, finland, france, french_guiana, gabon, georgia, germany, ghana, gibraltar, greece, greenland, guernsey, hong_kong, hungary, iceland, india, indonesia, ireland, isle_of_man, israel, italy, ivory_coast, japan, jersey, jordan, kazakhstan, kenya, kyrgyzstan, latvia, liechtenstein, lithuania, luxembourg, macau, macedonia, malaysia, malta, mauritius, mexico, monaco, mongolia, montenegro, morocco, mozambique, myanmar, namibia, netherlands, netherlands_antilles, new_zealand, nigeria, norway, panama, papua_new_guinea, peru, philippines, poland, portugal, qatar, reunion, romania, russia, saudi_arabia, senegal, singapore, slovakia, slovenia, south_africa, south_korea, spain, suriname, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, tanzania, thailand, turkey, ukraine, united_arab_emirates, united_kingdom, united_states, uruguay, vietnam, zambia
sector-s --sectorSearch by sector to find stocks matching the criteriaTruecommunication_services, consumer_discretionary, consumer_staples, energy, financials, health_care, industrials, information_technology, materials, real_estate, utilities
industry_group--industrygroupSearch by industry group to find stocks matching the criteriaTrueautomobiles&_components, banks, capital_goods, commercial&professional_services, consumer_durables&apparel, consumer_services, diversified_financials, energy, food&staples_retailing, food,_beverage&tobacco, health_care_equipment&services, household&personal_products, insurance, materials, media&entertainment, pharmaceuticals,_biotechnology&life_sciences, real_estate, retailing, semiconductors&semiconductor_equipment, software&services, technology_hardware&_equipment, telecommunication_services, transportation, utilities
industry-i --industrySearch by industry to find stocks matching the criteriaTrueaerospace&_defense, air_freight&logistics, airlines, auto_components, automobiles, banks, beverages, biotechnology, building_products, capital_markets, chemicals, commercial_services&supplies, communications_equipment, construction&engineering, construction_materials, consumer_finance, distributors, diversified_consumer_services, diversified_financial_services, diversified_telecommunication_services, electric_utilities, electrical_equipment, electronic_equipment,_instruments&components, energy_equipment&services, entertainment, equity_real_estate_investment_trusts(reits), food&_staples_retailing, food_products, gas_utilities, health_care_equipment&supplies, health_care_providers&services, health_care_technology, hotels,_restaurants&leisure, household_durables, household_products, it_services, independent_power_and_renewable_electricity_producers, industrial_conglomerates, insurance, interactive_media&services, internet&direct_marketing_retail, machinery, marine, media, metals&mining, multi-utilities, oil,_gas&consumable_fuels, paper&forest_products, pharmaceuticals, professional_services, real_estate_management&development, road&rail, semiconductors&semiconductor_equipment, software, specialty_retail, technology_hardware,_storage&peripherals, textiles,_apparel&luxury_goods, thrifts&mortgage_finance, tobacco, trading_companies&_distributors, transportation_infrastructure, water_utilities
exchange-e --exchangeSearch by a specific exchange to find stocks matching the criteriaTrueams, aqs, ase, asx, ath, ber, bru, bse, bts, bud, bue, cai, ccs, cnq, cph, cse, doh, dus, ebs, enx, fka, fra, ger, ham, han, hel, hkg, ice, iob, ise, ist, jkt, jnb, jpx, kls, koe, ksc, lis, lit, lse, mce, mcx, mex, mil, mun, nae, nas, ncm, neo, ngm, nms, nse, nsi, nyq, nys, nze, obb, osl, par, pcx, pnk, pra, ris, sao, sap, sat, sau, ses, set, sgo, shh, shz, sto, stu, tai, tal, tlo, tlv, tor, two, van, vie
exchange_country--exchangecountrySearch by a specific country and all its exchanges to find stocks matching the criteriaTrueunited_states, argentina, austria, australia, belgium, brazil, canada, chile, china, czech_republic, denmark, egypt, estonia, europe, finland, france, germany, greece, hong_kong, hungary, iceland, india, indonesia, ireland, israel, italy, japan, latvia, lithuania, malaysia, mexico, netherlands, new_zealand, norway, portugal, qatar, russia, singapore, south_africa, south_korea, spain, saudi_arabia, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, thailand, turkey, united_kingdom, venezuela
all_exchanges-a --all-exchangesWhether to search all exchanges, without this option only the United States market is searched.FalseTrueNone

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