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The OpenBB Terminal is the first and only open source investment research platform. The terminal connects to dozens of different data providers and allows users to access investment research from a single platform. More than that, due to its open source nature, users can add custom data sources or build their own analysis on top.


Unlike closed source products, open source products allow for higher quality, more transparency, the best ideas, the best developers, and foster a sense of community. To sum it up, it drives innovation. This allows you to adapt all code within this product to your need or even build proprietary features on top of our infrastructure. Standardized but customizable.


We believe investment research should be affordable to everyone. This platform leverages an extensive collection of free datasets from data sources; giving you access to a vast range of financial data without any cost. This results in free access to 30+ years of fundamental and market data, large economic databases that include key economic indicators and much more. When our free solution is still too limited, through a paid subscription with the data source or our tools all premium features can be accessed that give the detail that you need.


Python is one of the most used programming languages due to its simplified syntax and shallow learning curve. On top of this, it is highly used in the financial industry throughout the entirety of the firm from analysts to portfolio managers but also including credit risk modellers and data scientists. This is also the very first time in history that users, regardless of their background, can add features to an investment research platform with relative ease.


Since COVID-19, the way the world works has changed. And we believe that investment research should be accessible from any location, entirely for free. Wherever you're based and wherever you decide to work, we want to support you in always having access to the OpenBB Terminal. Therefore, our platform and tools are available from any location, whether you’re a student looking to collect financial data, a professional needing to do market research or a retail investor looking to keep up to date with movements in the market. We want to accelerate a future where each individual can have their own investment research platform at their fingertips.

Want to contribute? Check out our CONTRIBUTING GUIDELINES.