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Shows historic data for a stock


candle [-t TICKER] [-p] [--sort {open,high,low,close,adjclose,volume,dividends,stock_splits}] [-r] [--raw] [--trend] [--ma MOV_AVG] [--log]


ticker-t --tickerTicker to analyzeNoneTrueNone
prepost-p --prepostPre/After market hours. Only works for 'yf' source, and intraday dataFalseTrueNone
sort--sortChoose a column to sort by. Only works when raw data is displayed.Trueopen, high, low, close, adjclose, volume, dividends, stock_splits
reverse-r --reverseData is sorted in descending order by default. Reverse flag will sort it in an ascending way. Only works when raw data is displayed.FalseTrueNone
raw--rawShows raw data instead of chart.FalseTrueNone
trendlines--trendFlag to add high and low trends to candleFalseTrueNone
mov_avg--maAdd moving average in number of days to plot and separate by a comma. Value for ma (moving average) keyword needs to be greater than 1.NoneTrueNone
logy--logPlot with y axis on log scaleFalseTrueNone


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