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Display number of unique ethereum addresses which made a transaction in given time interval, [Source:]


ueat [-l LIMIT] [-s {date,uniqueSenders,transactions,averageGasPrice,mediumGasPrice,maximumGasPrice}] [-i {day,month,week}] [-r]


limit-l --limitdisplay N number records. (Maximum available time period is 90 days.Depending on chosen time period, display N records will be recalculated. E.g.For interval: month, and number: 10, period of calculation equals to 300, but because of max days limit: 90, it will only return last 3 months (3 records).10Truerange(1, 90)
sortby-s --sortSort by given column.dateTruedate, uniqueSenders, transactions, averageGasPrice, mediumGasPrice, maximumGasPrice
interval-i --intervalTime interval in which ethereum address made transaction. month, week or day. Maximum time period is 90 days (3 months, 14 weeks)dayTrueday, month, week
reverse-r --reverseData is sorted in descending order by default. Reverse flag will sort it in an ascending way. Only works when raw data is displayed.FalseTrueNone

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