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Display Trades on Decentralized Exchanges aggregated by DEX or Month [Source:]


lt [-k {dex,time}] [-vs {ETH,USD,BTC,USDT}] [-l LIMIT] [-d DAYS] [-s {exchange,trades,tradeAmount}] [-r]


kind-k --kindAggregate trades by dex or time Default: dexdexTruedex, time
vs-vs --vsCurrency of displayed trade amount.USDTrueETH, USD, BTC, USDT
limit-l --limitdisplay N number records10TrueNone
days-d --daysNumber of days to display data for.90Truerange(1, 360)
sortby-s --sortSort by given column. Default: tradeAmount. For monthly trades date.tradeAmountTrueexchange, trades, tradeAmount
reverse-r --reverseData is sorted in descending order by default. Reverse flag will sort it in an ascending way. Only works when raw data is displayed.FalseTrueNone

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