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What's new 🎉

We are super excited to launch community routines in the terminal!

This is accompanied by our usual bug fix and general enhancements.

What's changed 🚀

  • hotfix/simplify-regex (#5324) @DidierRLopes
  • Fix routines creation from the Terminal to Hub (#5312) @DidierRLopes
  • Fix regex (#5320) @DidierRLopes
  • Creates a "--dev" flag that points to dev backend for testing with hub (#5319) @DidierRLopes
  • small fixy (#5318) @DidierRLopes
  • few more updates (#5317) @DidierRLopes
  • --debug points to dev env (#5316) @DidierRLopes
  • Silly (#5313) @DidierRLopes
  • hotfix/ /stocks/fa/pt show all price targets on hover (#5305) @tehcoderer
  • hotfix/options-hist: Fixes options/hist to display date column when raw is True (#5304) @deeleeramone
  • Allow the exe command to run URLs (#5295) @colin99d
  • Feature/news sentiment (#5274) @Sai-132
  • hotfix/ conflict docstrings (#5293) @tehcoderer
  • hotfix / forecast, qa/hist (#5290) @tehcoderer
  • Fixed the get routines to meet the new backend standard (#5271) @colin99d
  • Actually fix databento this time (#5287) @jmaslek
  • add --india flag to stocks/load (#5281) @the-praxs
  • Feature/options_views: Add a Variety of Views/Charts to Extend the OptionsChains Class (#5222) @deeleeramone
  • hotfix/economy-controller-sort-filter: Fwd P/E regex fix (#5273) @deeleeramone
  • Update all_api_keys.json (#5277) @DidierRLopes
  • Move hub api keys ts (#5267) @montezdesousa
  • Hotfix economy/overview rates displaying as dates (#5269) @tehcoderer
  • Adds details/image for installing C++ Build Tools (#5268) @deeleeramone
  • hotfix/gdp-units - better GDP units (#5262) @deeleeramone
  • Hotfix/ locking when deploying streamlit app (#5261) @tehcoderer
  • Fix issue where incorrect key for biztoc prints exception (#5257) @jmaslek
  • Check token expiration before request (#5255) @montezdesousa
  • hotfix/economy-report-duplicate-table: fixes duplicate tables. (#5252) @deeleeramone
  • hotfix/docs-sdk-basics-headTitle: fix headTitle (#5253) @deeleeramone
  • Fix/reports (#5251) @jmaslek
  • Fix/reports (#5250) @jmaslek
  • Release/3.2.0 (#5243) @jmaslek

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