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Major Release Notes

  • OpenBB SDK
    • OpenBB Terminal available through pip install openbb
    • Full dependency chains for toolkits can be obtained through
      • pip install openbb[optimization]
      • pip install openbb[forecast]
      • pip install openbb[all]
    • OpenBB Forecasting Menu
      • Load terminal data or bring in your own data. Integration with u8 darts library
      • Custom tuning of models in the terminal
    • Automated Reports
      • Can now run automated reports installer versions

Minor Release Notes

  • General bug fixing
    • DCF for US equities
    • Updated events calendar
  • General UI/UX enhancements
    • Multiple auto complete options
    • API Keys saved between installer updates
    • Data source menu for selecting default sources
    • Short how-to intro on initial launch
  • Due to api changes, we have deprecated the funds menu for mutual fund data for the time being
  • Updated Portfolio Allocation function
  • Futures menu utilizing yahoo finance
  • Automated Docker Build
    • Can build docker image locally with 2 commands
  • Internationalization
    • Add a translation into your native language