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Display line plot of data

Source Code: [link] pd.Series, title: str = "", log_y: bool = True, markers_lines: Optional[List[datetime.datetime]] = None, markers_scatter: Optional[List[datetime.datetime]] = None, export: str = "", sheet_name: Optional[str] = None, external_axes: bool = False)


datapd.SeriesData to plotNoneFalse
titlestrTitle for plotTrue
log_yboolFlag for showing y on log scaleTrueTrue
markers_linesOptional[List[datetime]]List of dates to highlight using vertical linesNoneTrue
markers_scatterOptional[List[datetime]]List of dates to highlight using scatterNoneTrue
sheet_namestrOptionally specify the name of the sheet the data is exported to.NoneTrue
exportstrFormat to export dataTrue
external_axesboolWhether to return the figure object or not, by default FalseFalseTrue


This function does not return anything


from openbb_terminal.sdk import openbb
df = openbb.stocks.load("AAPL")["Adj Close"])