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Data and Sources

Please note that OpenBB does not provide any data, it is an aggregator which provides users access to data from a variety of sources. OpenBB does not maintain or have any control over the raw data supplied. If there is a specific problem with the output from a data provider, please consider contacting them first.

Is there a list of all data providers?

The complete list is found here

How do I load a ticker symbol from India?

Ticker symbols listed on exchanges outside of the US will have a suffix attached, for example, Rico Auto Industries Limited:

df = openbb.stocks.load("ricoauto.ns")

The precise naming convention will differ by source, reference each source's own documentation for specific details.

Data from today is missing.

By default, the load function requests end-of-day daily data and is not included until the EOD summary has been published. The current day's data is considered intraday and is loaded when the interval argument is present.

df = openbb.stocks.load(SPY, interval = 60)
Can I stream live prices and news feeds?

It is not currently possible to stream live feeds with the OpenBB SDK.

"Pair BTC/USDT not found in binance"

US-based users are currently unable to access the Binance API. Please try loading the pair from a different source, for example:

load btc --source CCXT --exchange kraken

How can I request adding endpoints from a specific data source?

Please request a feature by submitting a new request.