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Short introduction to Charting

Our charting feature is powered by the renowned TradingView charting library, offering you a comprehensive and intuitive platform for financial analysis. With this feature, you can access all the functionalities typically available on TradingView. To get the most out of this feature, we recommend familiarizing yourself with TradingView's capabilities here:


Here's a quick rundown of what you can do with our charting feature:

  • Adjust the time interval and timeline based on your preferred data vendor

  • Utilize TradingView's robust suite of technical analysis indicators for in-depth market insights

  • Access a variety of editing tools for annotations, line drawings, measurements, Fibonacci retracements, and more

  • Overlay charts of other tickers of interest, whether they're in forex, crypto, equity, or macroeconomics

charting add

Overlay Financials

When analyzing equity data, you'll notice the "Financial" text above the chart. This powerful tool allows you to overlay financial data (e.g., revenue, cost of goods, etc.) over time, providing a visual representation of how financials impact the equity price trajectory. It's a powerful way to understand the correlation between a company's financial performance and its stock price.

charting financials

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