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Advanced Search

Short introduction to advanced search

OpenBB Terminal Pro's advanced search is a powerful tool that enables you to perform a wide range of tasks swiftly and efficiently.

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The search is divided into the five main categories:

  • Securities: This category displays securities that match your search criteria. It's not limited to symbol matches; it also includes company names. For instance, a search for 'Sales' will return 'Salesforce', which has the ticker symbol 'CRM'.

  • Templates: These are pre-designed layouts developed by OpenBB, but you can also create your own. Templates save the location of widgets in a dashboard, allowing you to quickly set up a dashboard with your chosen ticker.

  • Widgets: These are the primary components of the dashboards. Each widget contains financial data that can enhance your research. This category is your go-to place for such data.

  • Actions: If you're unable to locate a specific action like 'settings', 'data connectors', 'change theme', etc., you can find it directly in the actions category.

  • All: This category combines results from all of the above categories.