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Screener filter output from Where: CS: Contract Symbol; S: Symbol, T: Option Type; Str: Strike; Exp v: Expiration; IV: Implied Volatility; LP: Last Price; B: Bid; A: Ask; V: Volume; OI: Open Interest; Y: Yield; MY: Monthly Yield; SMP: Regular Market Price; SMDL: Regular Market Day Low; SMDH: Regular Market Day High; LU: Last Trade Date; LC: Last Crawl; ITM: In The Money; PC: Price Change; PB: Price-to-book.


scr [-p {template.ini,high_IV.ini,3DTE_Degenerate.ini,TSLA_Poots.ini,Long_FAANGM.ini,SPY_ATM_Calls.ini,SPY_ATM_Poots.ini,Highest_IV.ini,Highest_OI.ini,Highest_Volume.ini,TSLA_Calls_90Days.ini}] [-l LIMIT]


presetFilter presetshigh_IVTruetemplate.ini, high_IV.ini, 3DTE_Degenerate.ini, TSLA_Poots.ini, Long_FAANGM.ini, SPY_ATM_Calls.ini, SPY_ATM_Poots.ini, Highest_IV.ini, Highest_OI.ini, Highest_Volume.ini, TSLA_Calls_90Days.ini
limitLimit of random entries to display. Default shows all10TrueNone

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