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Moody's Aaa and Baa are investment bonds that acts as an index of the performance of all bonds given an Aaa or Baa rating by Moody's Investors Service respectivelyThese corporate bonds often are used in macroeconomics as an alternative to the federal ten-year Treasury Bill as an indicator of the interest rate.


moody [-t {aaa,baa}] [--spread {treasury,fed_funds}] [-s START_DATE] [-e END_DATE]


data_type-t --typeWhat type you'd like to collect data foraaaTrueaaa, baa
spread--spreadWhether you want to show the spreadNoneTruetreasury, fed_funds
start_date-s --startStarting date (YYYY-MM-DD) of data1980-01-01TrueNone
end_date-e --endEnding date (YYYY-MM-DD) of dataNoneTrueNone

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