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Plot various rates from the United States. This includes tbill (Treasury Bills), Constant Maturity treasuries (cmn) and Inflation Protected Treasuries (TIPS)


icebofa [-t {total_return,yield,yield_to_worst}] [-c {all,duration,eur,usd}] [-a {asia,emea,eu,ex_g10,latin_america,us}] [-g {a,aa,aaa,b,bb,bbb,ccc,crossover,high_grade,high_yield,non_financial,non_sovereign,private_sector,public_sector}] [-o] [-d] [-s START_DATE] [-e END_DATE]


data_type-t --typeWhat type you'd like to collect data foryieldTruetotal_return, yield, yield_to_worst
category-c --categoryWhat category you'd like to collect data forallTrueall, duration, eur, usd
area-a --areaWhat region you'd like to collect data forusTrueasia, emea, eu, ex_g10, latin_america, us
grade-g --gradeWhat grade you'd like to collect data fornon_sovereignTruea, aa, aaa, b, bb, bbb, ccc, crossover, high_grade, high_yield, non_financial, non_sovereign, private_sector, public_sector
options-o --optionsSee the available optionsFalseTrueNone
description-d --descriptionWhether to provide a description of the data.FalseTrueNone
start_date-s --startStarting date (YYYY-MM-DD) of data1980-01-01TrueNone
end_date-e --endEnding date (YYYY-MM-DD) of dataNoneTrueNone

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