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Display most recent news on the given coin from CryptoPanic aggregator platform. [Source:]


news [-l LIMIT] [-k {news,media}] [--filter {rising,hot,bullish,bearish,important,saved,lol}] [-r {en,de,es,fr,nl,it,pt,ru}] [-s {published_at,domain,title,negative_votes,positive_votes}] [--reverse] [-u]


limit-l --limitdisplay N number records10TrueNone
kind-k --kindFilter by category of news. Available values: news or media.newsTruenews, media
filter--filterFilter by kind of news. From: risinghotbullishbearish
region-r --regionFilter news by regions. Available regions are: en (English), de (Deutsch), nl (Dutch), es (Español), fr (Français), it (Italiano), pt (Português), ru (Русский)enTrueen, de, es, fr, nl, it, pt, ru
sortby-s --sortSort by given column. Default: published_atpublished_atTruepublished_at, domain, title, negative_votes, positive_votes
reverse--reverseData is sorted in descending order by default. Reverse flag will sort it in an ascending way. Only works when raw data is displayed.FalseTrueNone
urls-u --urlsFlag to disable urls. Hides column with URL.TrueTrueNone


2022 Apr 25, 09:49 (🦋) /crypto/dd/ $ news
Most Recent News
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│ │ Custody License │ │
2022-04-24 │ These Two Companies Will Let You Buy a │… │
│ │ House with Crypto │ │