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Display list of startups from ross index [Source:] Use --chart to display chart and -t {stars,forks} to set chart type


rossidx [-s SORTBY [SORTBY ...]] [-r] [-c] [-g] [-t {stars,forks}]


sortby-s --sortbySort startups by columnStars AGR [%]TrueGitHub, Company, Country, City, Founded, Raised [$M], Stars, Forks, Stars AGR [%], Forks AGR [%]
reverse-r --reverseData is sorted in descending order by default. Reverse flag will sort it in an ascending way. Only works when raw data is displayed.FalseTrueNone
show_chart-c --chartFlag to show chartFalseTrueNone
show_growth-g --growthFlag to show growth chartFalseTrueNone
chart_type-t --chart-typeChart type: {stars, forks}starsTruestars, forks

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