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This section provides steps to install the OpenBB Terminal and SDK from PyPI. This installation type supports Windows, macOS and Linux systems. Before starting the installation process, make sure the following pieces of software are installed.

Miniconda is a Python environment and package manager. It is required for installing certain dependencies.

Go here to find the download for your operating system or use the links below:

To verify if Miniconda is installed on the system, open the command line and run the following command:

conda --version

If Miniconda is installed, a version number will be displayed, for example:

conda 23.1.0

Check to verify if Git is installed by running the following command:

git --version

Which will print something like this:

git version 2.31.1

If Git is not installed, install it now from conda by running:

conda install -c anaconda git

Or follow the instructions here to install it.

Microsoft C++ Build Tools (Windows only)

Use the instructions here to install or update Microsoft C++ Build Tools.

Rosetta2 (Apple Silicon only)

Install Rosetta from the terminal with:

softwareupdate --install-rosetta
LibOMP (Apple Silicon only)

Apple Silicon does not ship libomp by default. It will need to be installed manually for some features of the ML toolkit to work. The libomp library can be installed from homebrew.

Check if Homebrew is installed by running the following command:

brew --version

If Homebrew is not installed, install it by running:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Or follow the instructions here.

To install LibOMP, run the following command:

brew install libomp
VcXsrv (Windows Subsystem for Linux only)

Since a WSL installation is headless by default (i.e., there is only access to a terminal running a Linux distribution) there are additional steps required to display visualizations. A more detailed tutorial is found, here.

  • Dynamically export the DISPLAY environment variable in WSL2:
# add to the end of ~/.bashrc file
export DISPLAY=$(cat /etc/resolv.conf | grep nameserver | awk '{print $2}'):0
# source the file
source ~/.bashrc
  • Download and install VcXsrv
  • When running the program is important to check "Disable access control"

After this, VcXsrv should be running successfully, and the machine is ready to proceed with the terminal installation.

Alternatives to VcXsrv include:

GTK toolchains (Linux only)

GTK is a window extension that is used to display interactive charts and tables. The library responsible for interactive charts and tables (pywry) requires certain dependencies, based on the Linux distribution, to be installed first.

Debian-based / Ubuntu / Mint
sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev
Arch Linux / Manjaro
sudo pacman -S webkit2gtk
sudo dnf install gtk3-devel webkit2gtk3-devel

Proceed to next steps once the requirements above have been met.

Prepare the Virtual Environment

Create the environment using a configuration file from the OpenBB Terminal repository.

Copy and paste these commands into the terminal/command prompt:

conda env create -n obb --file

Additional YAML files provide support for Python versions 3.8 and 3.10. Substitute the 9, in the command above, with the desired version.

Agree to the prompts if there are any.

After the obb environment is created, activate it by entering:

conda activate obb

Install the OpenBB Terminal and SDK

Make sure to have completed all previous steps. If followed, there will be a virtual environment, named obb, and this environment is activated.

Install the main package of Openbb SDK with pip, a package manager.

pip install openbb==3.2.4 --no-cache-dir

This method provides access to the data aggregation and charting functions of the OpenBB SDK. It does not provide access to the advanced features that are provided by the Portfolio Optimization and Machine Learning toolkits.

The toolkits can be installed individually with:

pip install "openbb[optimization]==3.2.4" --no-cache-dir


pip install "openbb[forecast]==3.2.4" --no-cache-dir

Install all available toolkits at once with:

pip install "openbb[all]==3.2.4" --no-cache-dir

pip install openbb[all]==3.2.4 is not yet compatible with environments such as Google Colab and Kaggle as they come with preinstalled packages that can conflict with the ones used in the OpenBBTerminal and SDK. It may be possible to install without the extra toolkits, but we currently do not officially support this type of installation. We are working on a solution to this problem and will update this section once it is resolved.

Verify Installation

Once this installation process is completed, the terminal is launched by running:


To confirm the installation of the SDK, open the Python interpreter with a python command, then run the following:

from openbb_terminal.sdk import openbb

You should see the version number displayed, for example:


That's it!

NOTE: When the OpenBB Terminal is opened next, the Python environment will need to be activated again. When using a code editor, make sure that the correct environment is selected. This should be easy to figure out if there is an error stating that there are missing packages. To launch the OpenBB Terminal application in a new terminal window, first navigate into the folder where the source code was cloned, and then use the following two commands:

conda activate obb

Updating the OpenBB SDK Version

Upgrade the OpenBB SDK to the latest version via pypi. When using the terminal or SDK without toolkits, first activate environment by running:

conda activate obb

and then update the package by running:

pip install -U openbb --no-cache-dir

When using an installation with toolkits, with the virtual environment activated, enter:

pip install -U "openbb[all]" --no-cache-dir

Nightly Builds

OpenBB SDK is updated daily with new features and bug fixes, but some features being worked on may be unstable. To use the same SDK version as the development team, install the nightly build with:

conda activate obb
pip install -U openbb-terminal-nightly --no-cache-dir

If issues are encountered with the installation, please try installing OpenBB Terminal and SDK from source (link), or reach out to our Discord community for help.