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Installation and Updates

Installation and Updates

How much hard drive space is required?

An installation will use approximately 4-5 GB of space, with additional storage required for optional machine learning models.

What is the minimum version of Windows or MacOS required to install the OpenBB Terminal?

The OpenBB Terminal installation packages are compatible with:

  • Windows 10 or later.
  • MacOS Monterey or later.

Note: Machines which are not compatible with the installer packages may be able to install from the source code.

How do I update my installation to the latest version?

The terminal is constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes. The process for updating will vary by the installation type:

  • As of version 2.4.1, the Windows installer has an option for uninstalling the existing prior to updating.
  • For other installer versions, uninstall the previous version (uninstall.exe for Windows, delete the Application folder on MacOS); then, download the latest version and reinstall. User settings and data will remain.
  • For a pip installation, when a new version is published: pip install -U openbb[all]
  • Upgrade a cloned version of the GitHub repo with:
git fetch
git pull
poetry install -E all

Notes: If the cloned repository is a fork, pull from: git pull origin main or git pull origin develop. If there are changes locally to the files that conflict with the incoming changes from GitHub, stash them before pulling from main with git stash.

PyPi Nightly

The nightly build can be installed with:

pip install openbb-terminal-nightly[all]

Note: This version may not be stable and should not be used in a production setting.

"Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater is required"

Download and install C++ Build Tools, restart the machine, then try again.



Error: failed building wheel for bt

There may be an additional message that is printed from this error, stating: "Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater is required. Get it with "Microsoft C++ Build Tools".

Download and install it.

Mac and Linux users may also encounter a similar error because a C++ compiler is not installed. Install Homebrew:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Then run:

brew install gcc
brew install cmake
Miniconda3 will not install on ARM/Linux Raspberry Pi machines.

Refer to this issue on the Conda GitHub page.

Error: Library not loaded: '/usr/local/opt/libomp/lib/libomp.dylib'

This error is resolved by installing libomp from Homebrew:

brew install libomp