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Load a symbol to perform analysis using the string above as a template.

Source Code: [link]

openbb.etf.load(symbol: str, start_date: Union[datetime.datetime, str, NoneType] = None, interval: int = 1440, end_date: Union[datetime.datetime, str, NoneType] = None, prepost: bool = False, source: str = "YahooFinance", weekly: bool = False, monthly: bool = False, verbose: bool = True)


symbolstrTicker to get dataNoneFalse
start_datestr or datetimeStart date to get data from with. - datetime or string format (YYYY-MM-DD)NoneTrue
intervalintInterval (in minutes) to get data 1, 5, 15, 30, 60 or 14401440True
end_datestr or datetimeEnd date to get data from with. - datetime or string format (YYYY-MM-DD)NoneTrue
prepostboolPre and After hours dataFalseTrue
sourcestrSource of data extractedYahooFinanceTrue
weeklyboolFlag to get weekly dataFalseTrue
monthlyboolFlag to get monthly dataFalseTrue
verboseboolDisplay verbose information on what was the symbol that was loadedTrueTrue


pd.DataFrameDataframe of data