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Plot candle chart from dataframe. [Source: Binance]

Source Code: [link]

openbb.crypto.candle(symbol: str, data: Optional[pd.DataFrame] = None, start_date: Union[datetime.datetime, str, NoneType] = None, end_date: Union[datetime.datetime, str, NoneType] = None, interval: Union[str, int] = "1440", exchange: str = "binance", to_symbol: str = "usdt", source: str = "CCXT", volume: bool = True, title: str = "", external_axes: bool = False, yscale: str = "linear", raw: bool = False)


symbolstrTicker nameNoneFalse
datapd.DataFrameDataframe containing time and OHLCVNoneTrue
start_dateUnion[datetime, Union[str, None]]Start date for dataNoneTrue
end_dateUnion[datetime, Union[str, None]]End date for dataNoneTrue
intervalUnion[str, int]Interval for data1440True
exchangestrExchange to usebinanceTrue
to_symbolstrCurrency to useusdtTrue
sourcestrSource to useCCXTTrue
volumeboolIf volume data shall be plotted, by default TrueTrueTrue
ylabelstrY-label of the graph, by default ""NoneTrue
titlestrTitle of graph, by default ""True
external_axesboolWhether to return the figure object or not, by default FalseFalseTrue
yscalestrScaling for y axis. Either linear or loglinearTrue


This function does not return anything


from openbb_terminal.sdk import openbb
openbb.crypto.candle(symbol="btc", raw=True)